Thursday, April 28, 2011

DH5: 039 -Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest

Alright! 39 highfives!

Man that's our third ninja in a row! it's that storm slinging shurikener Kennen!

Kennen is the third ninja in the ninja trinity and he is a pipsqueak in purple pajamas. He hurls shuriken and zaps around the map in lightning bolts and for the first 2 weeks of his release I thought he was a girl. The trouble with yordle characters I find is that the designer has to try and cram as much stuff onto their small frame as they can to keep him from looking overly simple. They remedy this by giving characters large weaponry or vehicles, Kennen falls into the category of the former with a shuriken he could eat off of. Here he is tossing that ninja-star backwards at whoever is chasing him and applying a shocking mark of the storm to the poor guy!

In game Kennen is a menace, I remember after a buff where he would gain more armor when he does his lightning rush, fighting Kennen made me cry. He's so shrill and can escape from almost anything as well as tie up nearly whole teams with his electrifying ult. Kennen is a monster than needs to be stuffed all game or else you're going to be in trouble. He tends to be built as a AD and AP hybrid and I always found those to be interesting builds because you usually have a greater variety of items to choose from. Although he isn't my kinda champion I know that theres gotta be some folks out there that love storming around with this guy! Sound off below as we wrap up our ninja triniity.

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. the most comfortable pajamas ever made!

  2. @ Jouste

    nononono, Night shirts are the most comfy (or onsies)

  3. man i am way off on my pajama options. i usually just go in the buff! i guess i'd make a lousy ninja, or a very naked one...

  4. @Jouste

    well if your a naked ninja, then you dont have to worry about about air resistance, or sweat... although carrying your equipment is another story