Friday, April 29, 2011

DH5: 040 -Zilean, The Chronokeeper

Crabthief Fridays and our 40th highfive!

Looks like its time to buy some magic resistance! It's that chronokeeping king Zilean!

Zilean is a really fun looking character that fits into the classic mage role very well. I usually don't care for the floating champions but Zilean's mode of transportation really fits his character. The large time piece on his back really adds to his silhouette and  his spells are just cool enough to get a mention as well. Newer champions are getting better and better looking spells and the original champion's effects are really starting to show their age, luckily Zilean's looks are staying timeless! Uh-oh! That cunning crustacean is back! It looks like he's stolen Zilean's favorite wristwatch and Zilean isn't too happy with him!

In game i'm sure we've all had a BRUTAL experience against this time-bombing terror. Or maybe almost gotten that enemy only to see some wispy clouds form around him and him resurrect and get away? sure we've been on the giving end as well but we can agree that Zilean can really be a really powerful champion. I remember getting nailed with a rewind double timebomb and watching my health just blast down to nothing when i was first getting into the game. Zilean used to be able to sip in and naily you with one without even pulling turret aggro! So is there any time keepers out there that fancy talking about this time-bender? Drop us all a line in the comments below so we can stay on schedule!

-jouste the drawbarian


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  2. There isn't too many players who use Zilean at lower levels, probably because of his difficulty and knowing when to use his skills. I have seen a few good ones, but I can probably say that they are smurf accounts.

    I do have to say that his speed-up spell has saved me multiple times, so its been proven to me that Zilean is a great character.

  3. yeah i lvove the speed up spell, i usually play a DPS heavy Mundo and when that thing hits me the enemy team runs away!

    and yes on the smurf zilean accounts, he's be a pretty powerful champ against players who aren't used to him for sure!

    thanks for the comment!

  4. <3 Crabthief. I like how mellow you made Zilean look. He isn't worried about that ol' crab getting away. lol

  5. When i use to play Olaf, my brother was a Zilean and at lvl 6, we were boss on the lane

    I would dive in with Zil's ult on me, when i died, i come back, pop my ult and kill them both because they usually run after Zil right after

    they didnt figure it out until i pointed out it was Zil's ult, but it was too late because we were too fed by then :)

  6. @the hurricane:

    haha yeah he'll get there eventually! he is flying after all! thanks for the comment!


    man what a slick strategy! that must have really ruined their game. thanks for the great comment!