Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DH5: 038 - Akali, The Fist of Shadow

Alright! Number 38!

Another ninja!? bah, alright let's get these guys all out of the way. It's Akali! That side-boobin' slayer!

Another basic ninja with not too much going on in the design department. But it must be said that a good friend of mine (Ipsquiggle) brought up her dynamic posture and silhouette and I have to agree that with the twin kamas and stealthy, widespread pose she does look interesting on screen. I like the whole smoke bombing thing with lightning quick strikes and it could be totally by accident but she is quite reminiscent of the two ninja type sisters from MK. Although she is most likely derived from some Anime or Manga series that I'm not familiar with and i could just be using my typical ignorance on the subject to totally westernize this character's inspiration, Mortal Kombat invented ninjas right guys?

I have to give a shout out to the player "bogieman" who played a really solid Akali with me a few days ago, I could play a pretty strong push game while Akali would be taking on multiple threats and tying up a lot of the enemy team. I initially thought that Akali was one of those characters that you needed to snowball to be good with but I've been proven wrong on a lot of occasions now and even though she's a ninja I still appreciate her presence on my team. Any fans of this kama-slinging slicer? drop a comment below along with your favorite smoke bomb!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I have to say, you have done this character injustice, she is pretty bland with feelings of Jasmine from Alladin

    although i laughed when you mentioned side boobs

  2. lol, sorry i didn't really get her down for you.

    My heart just isn't in it with the ninjas, and i honestly don't know what else i could have done to make her more interesting. glad i got a laugh though! thanks for the comment!

  3. dont apologize man, your only human, you cant impress everyone or forever.

    Maybe if you decide to take a crack at the ninjas again, you can incorperate their signature moves in

    Akali- swinging her kamas in the twilight shroud

    Shen- Casting his ult

    Kennen- Running like a rodent on fire (on lightning?)

    just my little input

  4. My RL friend mains Akali, and even though her smoke cloud thing is pretty cool, she just doesn't fit my style.

    She seems just a bit too squishy, and I don't really like mechanisms like "Mark of the assassin".

    Still, well done on the drawing. She seems a bit small compared to her weapons in my opinion, but then again I haven't seen an Akali recently ingame and her image is not fresh in my head.

  5. @infinite:

    yeah i know we can't please them all. the suggestions are good and maybe if i ever visit them again it will be in a different setting so i could do them more justice. thanks for he comment!

    Zach r:

    yeah i know what you mean, the mark system is kinda lame, and she definitely isn't for me either.

    it's really funny that people always pick apart the girls that are in here more than the guys. i mean people are bringing up her proportions and no one mentioned the weirdly shaped yeti body? or the wiggly armed warwick? strange stuff indeed.

    thanks for the comment!