Friday, April 22, 2011

DH5: 035 - Nasus, The Curator of the Sands

Crabthief Fridays! And our thirty fifth highfive!

Keep an eye on that steamrolling Anubis! Looks like it's Nasus the biggest dog on the block!

Egyptian stuff is pretty sweet. Nasus has a pretty cool look about him sans his strange staff that appears to be made from jade and incorporates an eye of Rah motif. The staff just doesn't read too well and if a had to say something else it would be that his proportions are a little too even and could use some mixing up. I'm probably picking on him too much, the fact is, when Nasus hits that steroid ult and all that sand whirls around his avatar form it's a very cool thing to behold. And it looks like that sneaky Crabthief is back! Taking away Nasus' favorite remains, a juicy bone!

In game a few of my close friends rock the Sand storming stomper that is Nasus. They get his siphoning strike stacked up to stupid amounts and crush towers and champions alike by late game. A really cool champion that fits a role of off tanking with a sever punch. And man do I love wither, it's like a poor man's exhaust that can really take the wind out of an AD champ's sails and allow your team to take them out of the fight early, or catch up to that straggler. Any fans of that dog-faced destroyer of doom? Drop a comment right here and howl!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Nasus was my main before Mundo and what I love most about him is that everyone underestimates him and thinks that he isnt a threat. . .and then BLAM!!! Triple kill

    Stack those Siphons well and see the opposition topple. An extra 200+ damage can really make a difference especially if they are in the goo a.k.a. spirit fire. . .

  2. ohhh yeah, that's totally it, he'll just turn around and RUIN champs. But you've made the right choice with picking mundo, let someone else snag that Egyptian eliminator and get that Mundo-Nasus connection rolling!

  3. I think Nasus deserves mentioning that he completely pwns Kayle until she gets her support in the Season 1 trailer.

    But yeah, I have played against a few Nasuses. Not a lot of him in 3v3, but i've seen my share to know to beware.

  4. yeah for sure on the trailer comment. yeah knowing that Nasus is dangerous is a good starting point to have to deal with him properly.

  5. Nasus was actually the first champion that I ever played, so I feel a little attached to him. I don't play him that often anymore, but every once in a while I pull out the ol' dog and give him a go.

    I also once did a bot game where I got his Siphoning Strike to do more than 1000 bonus damage. Fun stuff.

  6. haha 1k damage? unreal. yeah we always have that closeness with the very first champions we picked, i believe mine was taric?

    thanks for the comment Treelub!

  7. Ohey, Taric was the second champ I ever played, haha.