Friday, April 8, 2011

DH5: 025 - Twisted Fate, The Card Master

Crabthief Fridays! And our 25th highfive!

Hope you travel in packs! Because here comes that crafty card-slinging comrade Twisted Fate! Always ready to deal out some damage and fold his enemies in half!

Twisted Fate seems like a pretty classic design in League of Legends.He's got a simple palette, bulkier and slab-like chunks of armor, and pushed proportions making him an interesting looking character to say the least. He seems to be in control and very confident which is a great bow to his design when it can procure those kind of elements out of nothing but his silhouette. he's also got a bit of a Gambit feel which is a fun 90ish throwback. Here he has been playing a game of poker with the crabthief, it looks like the crabthief decided to change the game and bolt away with some cash in the face of an obvious loss!

In game TF has been changed a few times but has always remained a tricky character that can keep the entire enemy team on their toes with a full map reveal and a teleport anywhere. He can backdoor quite easily and end up dealing so much damage that any 1v1 instance will usually end in his favor. I do find him pretty squishy and remember a game where we solely picked on the enemies TF over and over, keeping his levels low and is moral even lower. You gotta be pretty crafty to keep this card-slinger in the runnings and stay out of the big scraps and choose your fights well. Any fans of this full-house flinging fiend? share your strats or stories on this super-quick sultan of the straight!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Heh, i remember back on beta when he had Teleport on lvl 1 as his "E" skill, it was so friggin OP!

    Check at this vid, so you know what i mean:

    LOL!!, oh well, back to TF, i think it's a pretty awesome character and i really like his gameplay. He's a total gambler, you can deals LOTS of damage if you play your cards right, but in a bad match, you'll just end up feeding like crazy.

    Keep them coming, Jouste!

  2. haha i remember that!

    wow what a crazy spell to have that early. it's really cool to see how champions have changed over their lifetimes.

    i never was too good with him, i prefer to gamble with gangplank ;D. thanks for the comment!