Monday, March 7, 2011

DH5: 001 - Alistar the Minotaur!

For the first highfive I've chosen that beefy bruiser Alistar the Minotaur! I always tend to gravitate towards the characters that rely on brute strength like this guy.

As far as character designs go I like Alistar's quite a bit, he instantly lets the player know what they are in for, a bashing, crashing, head-butting monster that wont fall very fast in a fight. the colors add a lot of fun to him and i'm a big fan of the mo-hawk.

I remember in beta back when they had the promote skill available and Alistar could eat a lane's tower at like the 3 minute mark. Any great Alistar players out there? I know he's not the most popular pick of late but lets hear some love for that battlefield bovine!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. My next modeling piece has been found! Dyrt Soldier watch out!!!!!!!!!!! May take a little stylistic spin with this one if you don't mind :)

  2. hey that'll be slick! I haven't seen a lot of 3D fan stuff for league of legends.

    i'll be sure to try and get it to the right people for some sweet exposure. great to hear from you Josh.

  3. I love how bulky u made alistar, and the weapons and scars rlly define him as a tank :)

  4. yeah i think that more tankier dudes should e bristling with weapons that dug into them like moby dick or something.

  5. Alistar used to be my main when I first started LoL and I loved that he could take down a tower by about lvl 5(depending on laneing partners), but I stopped playing him because everyone is so fixated on kills. When they see you had 0 kills in a game they automatically think your not a good player. . .But they never seem to look over and see the 20+ assists, it makes me very angryz! Sorry for the novel and great pic man!

  6. Sthor, never apologies for an awesome comment like that one!

    That's exactly how i view Alistar as well, i really hope he picks up with this new change they are talking about but currently you have to try way to hard to get a good Alistar game in there.

  7. Alistar is the best, my favourite tank of the game, and even though he was from beta mode (I'm playing LoL since then) he still has a pretty awesome design in my opinion ('cause most champs from beta mode had a really poor design and style)

    Keep up the great work, Jouste! :D

  8. @Guido:

    Yeah i really like his design as well. and man were those early champions ever rough looking haha. I hear is rework is almost done. lets hope he becomes popular again.

    thanks for the comments!

  9. Awesome Alistar- he is one of my mains as well- Awesome support char for any team. He looks pretty sweet here- you done him justice