Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DH5: 008 - Urgot, The Headman's Pride!

Sweet! getting close to those double digits! It's the eighth highfive!

Look out! it's that robust ravager Urgot! and what's this!? his croissant has been stolen by the thieving crab! better look sharp you conniving crustacean, that pudgy pain-bringer loves his pastries!

Urgot's design seems to borrow a lot from Mojo of the Marvel universe and the soulgrinders of warhammer 40k. I've always been a fan of the mounted platform look on monstrous characters and Urgot's design has always been a favorite if not a familiar one. The color scheme was a good choice with dark metals, gold detailing and a warped green crackling energy, making him definitely one of the more spookier fiends int the League of Legends roster.

In game I find Urgot to be a little weak, he's great early game with plenty of harass and sometimes his ult can really catch you off guard. but later on i find he's pretty easy to hunt down. Any Urgoters out there? I'd love to hear from you! Sound off for the ultimate Urgot everyone!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh, i like this one a lot :)

  2. Hey thanks Josh!

    Yeah it was pretty refreshing to see this guy come out amidst a lineup of pretty generic humanoid champs.It was fun breaking this guy down into simpler stuff.

  3. When I look at Singed and Urgot side by side... Singed looks like he should be chasing a little crabthief as well.

  4. @Jack G: ohh i think crabthief will be making another appearance soon! he is quickly becoming the most OP champion i've ever drawn.

  5. I do not know this crab thief joke as I don't play the game....doh!

    Love the mix of shapes and materials that ended up in there. If I had anything to criticize it would be the head and his right arm suffer being hidden in the silhouette, though understandable for his overall round but crazy shape! Really dig the claw and how his weight is tilting forward :)

  6. @Jake:

    good call on the silhouette, yeah i actually tried a few things with his right arm that just weren't working out so i tried to just set it all inside his bulky shape.

    and the crabthief is just some nonsense I made up so you can enjoy it as well ;P.

    Thanks for the advice! I should be focusing more on silhouettes for these quick sketches because they are probably the most influential part of the drawing.

  7. Urgot!!! I was waiting for someone to draw him up, since i don't have the skill to do so yet, haha. Urgot is one of my favourite heroes on game, 'cause i LOVE the design, his voice, and his dialogues, he's badass as hell... in my opinion, his design is the most "serious" one in the whole game... he looks completely twisted and scary... not like our little happy and tender racoon who shoots darts and takes down a turret with it. (Oh my god Riot, what were you thinking?)

    Keep up the great work!

    PS: Yeah, i hate teemo with all my heart.

  8. @Guido:

    I gotta agree with you on that one. he's a lot more intimidating than a good majority of the of champions. I really like his design a lot and usually stray away from those ridiculous yordles.

    thanks for all the comments!