Monday, March 14, 2011

DH5: 006 - Pantheon the Artisan of War!

The 6th highfive! Hooray!

Keep your eyes on the skies everybody! it's that spearing spartan Pantheon! He's looking a little focused at the moment which could explain his expression.

Pantheon fits into another archetypal design so there really isn't too much to go off of or expand on. But then again it's always interesting to see another design that can be boiled down into a broom helmet, a shield and a spear. I always liked his color palette and he has a really fun He-Man skin.

In game Pantheon has had the see-saw blues as far as buffs and nerfs go. I personally don't know where he fits any more but i do remember when he was an insane monster in game that could ruin your day every time his ult was up, and when he was nerfed into nothing but a nuisance. I do like the character though even though it's just my friends who play the guy. So give pause for that powerhouse Pantheon and let all who stand in his warrior way be crushed under a grand skyfall!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Oh panth how i despise you... haha! Epic work man! Keep thems dailies coming!

  2. Will do brother!

    And yes on the despising Panth. Those games where he gets on top early and stay there, FFUUUUUUU...

  3. Reminds me of a game I had last week of me playing as Mundo. The whole game Pantheon had been raping(is that how u spell it?) our team, we had not yet met 1on1 and it was near the end of the game when everyone was max LvL and I was half health and taking down a tower and Pantheon used his ult on me. . .
    Basically i not only killed him but destroyed the tower and my team pushed hard and it led us to win a losing game. . .after the game the Pantheon was nerd raging about Mundo's ult, and how it is "Mundo" op. . .It made me lol

  4. @Sthor: haha that's awesome. way to turn the fight around. Mundo eats towers and dps champs. I also always find that Pantheon players rage harder than others...

  5. band-aid on the shield...nice application! fun. This pose really helps the diagonal force hes fighting against. Also, I'm starting to notice the convergence of all the 'arcs' into the lower left corner to give it movement (spear, helmet, shield, axe handle, cape) - is this something you did on purpose or just came out?

  6. @Jake:

    the directional forces are actually quite intentional. super fast drawings are really good for helping me put those things at a higher priority level without the distraction of polishing.

    excellent eye as always Jake!