Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekender vol. 002

Cheers with Tiki-Beers!

This weekend we see Major Shark and Frugal Spaceman take some time off in the Voodoo bar!


Hey there everyone!

So week one of the highfives was full of league of legends fun and I figure I am going to keep the ball rolling with the LoL characters until I run out. I know that I didn't post anything on the Saturday but that's the day I hunker down and focus on the side projects I have so the Weekender is a 2 day deal to help me gather thoughts and stay sharp!

I'm going to be trying to get some web comic stuff started. Recently I've been realizing that my finished work is just not what people are after so I should start just focusing on what I'm good at and that would be working fast and getting stuff done.

Last week I'm sure we all followed the earthquakes and tsunami deal that wrecked Japan. If I had to say something about it, it's that Japan is the most set up to deal with something as awful as this. Go Japan and your awesome engineers and building practices.

So brace yourself for another furious round of highfives this week friends! Thanks for following and checking out my stuff!

-jouste the drawbarian

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