Monday, March 28, 2011

DH5: 016 - Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

4th week! lets get some swords slicing!

better get yourself some thornmail cause it's time for that master of massacre Yi!

Yi's design always seemed a little screwy to me, unless he's supposed to be a guy with like over a dozen eyeballs or something. I liked the boot knives and the flared proportions the most on him and with some of the new skins they seem to really pull him together artistically. In this picture he's halving an apple with that ringed blade of his, how tasty!

In game i remember back in beta when Yi was a force to behold. Most matches came down to whoever had the best Yi. Now that theres a lot more variety in champions and team make up, Yi still shows his sword swinging self but in less instances. Always a fun champ to play, Yi's  still a pretty good contender (at my abysmal ELO anyways...). So anyone with some bladed badassery in the form of a Yi strat or story should drop a line here! Let that slicing swordsman know who's side you're on!

-jouste the drawbarian 


  1. Yi is a pain in the ass! If you don't keep him in check on the other team he just destroys you! Although that hasn't happened for a while thank god!

    As usual your pictures are awesome! I would love to see you draw Caitlyn!

    and the eye thing confuses me too!

  2. hey wicked! i will eventually get to Caitlyn although her design is definitely not one of my favorites out there.

    And I totally agree that an un-checked enemy Yi equals one dead ass team!

    thanks for the comment!

  3. Those green things are goggles called the Seven Lenses of Insight, and were made for him by Heimerdinger. They let him see a wider range on the EM spectrum, and are combination binoculars and telescopes.

    I'm a dork, don't mind me. XD

    Yi is a terror. My boyfriend mains him (among others) and aaaaaaaa he's a beast. I'm trying to learn him, too, even though I currently main Miss Fortune.

    Speaking of MF, I know her design isn't *too* creative, but I was wondering if you've any plans to cover her? :3

  4. @zhanael:

    that's what I'm talking about! that's a very informative comment zhanael, thanks very much for the goggles help because it was a little bizarre.

    And i'll be doing everyone so Miss Fortune will definitely be on the table!

    thanks for the comment!

  5. @jouste:

    You're very welcome! :D Glad to be of service.

    (Believe me, I was just as confused. My bf was the one to tell me about them. XD)

    Glad to hear MF's on her way, too. Looking forward to her and all of the rest of the champs! :D

  6. Master Yi is one of the only champions I have not played and nor do I care to. His design I don't particularly find exeptional, his voice annoys me, most Yis I played were complete arses, and in the beta everone was fighting to be him because he was so "broken". . .That being said I am actually not as oppossed to seeing him now since his nerfs and the introduction of new more engaging heroes. . .
    "Mundo smash!"
    --The last thing Master Yi hears before his skull get a giant cleaver in it.

  7. @Sthor:

    yeah thats a good point. now he's a pretty cool character game wise but his design is a little uninspired. and yes mundo owns everything!