Monday, March 21, 2011

DH5: 011 - Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge

Ahoy mateys! It be the third week of highfives!

Beware that Parrrley and cannonballs from the sky! Its everyone's favorite grog-soaked sadist Gangplank

Gangplank is a pretty eclectic pirate character with another one of those vibrant early 90's action figure color palettes (like singed). To be honest his sword design kind of confuses me and he seems to be missing some of the more stereotypical injuries that we've come to expect on grisly pirate characters. But then again he's a pirate and I'm a pirate man  so he's awesome. I drew him here trying to take down an annoying fly but accidentally signalling his ship for a cannon barrage! D'oh!

In game, Gangplank was one of the characters I got into after trying to branch from my 600 something games with Mundo and I really liked the playstyle of this sneaky little pirate guy. Opening up on someone with a giant crit would usually jar them right out of a fight in panic, or you could circle around back and pick of those stragglers with your super high mobility. A super fun champion to play and I love his built in cleanse which is just him scarfing down a swords worth of citrus fruit. Any other fans of the filthy pirate? Fire up your flintlocks, down that rum, and sound off for that sea-stained scallywag  Gangplank! 

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Riot needs to make a third buccaneer character.

  2. yeah do they ever, should also be a tank/support or something. maybe a pirate octopus? or a sharkman?

  3. An octopuss would be so great... i love krakens! I always wanted Riot to make one, hahaha. It could throw ink to enemies and grab them with it's multiple tentacles, would be so cool!

  4. hell yeah! some great ideas. like an octopus wrestler pirate guy who can grapple onto enemies and snare them. so cool. actually i thought my whalestrom character would be a neat character.

  5. Or a Rhinoctopus...

    Sorry, could not resist. (Jesse will know why.)