Thursday, March 17, 2011

DH5: 009 - Cassiopeia, The Serpent's Embrace!

The ninth highfive sees some snakeyness!

Avert your eyes summoners! it's that gorgeous gorgon Cassiopeia! Ready to riddle you with venom and Turn you to stone with her snakey stare!

The lack of a weapon or accessory on Cassiopea's design is a mixed deal for me. On one hand she has both hands free to menace her foes and contort into arcane symbols, but I'm sure there could have been some very interesting staves, or enchanted daggers that could pull from her serpent theme or Medusa like archetype. Her spell effects in game are pretty slick with a tangle of energy snakes being tossed around and her Stone Gaze attack is cool as well.

In game I've only played against Cassiopea a few times. She doesn't seem to be a very popular pick and I believe there was some range issues on her. Hopefully there will be some numbers moved around for this more recent hero so she'll be seeing more play soon. Sound off serpent slingers! Let that voluptuous viper know you care and drop a comment!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Cassiopeia is one on the only champions that i have never played against. . .Which is unfortunate. Perhaps it is because she has a difficult learning curve?

  2. I don't really know to be honest. I think it could have been that range thing. like you really need to get in there in order to wreck guys, and i guess people are just more used to playing casters from far away.

  3. Yeah she is really tricky to play. I believe she gets more mobile as she casts, and her ult is rather close range, so it's a very hit and run playstyle. Today's assassin rich and mobile tanky DPS environment is tough for her.

  4. @Jack G

    that's a really good point, thanks for the comment. it'll be neat when the meta shifts a bit to a more guerrilla style of play.

  5. Cassio is really fun to play, but yeah, you need to be pretty clever at playing her. I tend to play champs nobody uses ('cause, let's face it, playing against the champ you're playing every damn time is no fun at all, or at least for me it isn't, haha) and i find cassiopeia a really good nuker early game, and her ult is a great crowd control if you make good use of it. :)

    Keep them coming!!

  6. @Guido

    thats pretty interesting, and i know what you mean by playing unorthodox characters. It's a lot more fun playing the champs that nobody else is expecting.

  7. Cassiopeia has a pair of sickles she keeps at her hips, if that helps with your conceptualization. I suppose Riot was sensitive to the potential of a weapon or articfact, but still wanted her hands to be free. Mostly to caress herself, in support of her nymphomanic personality.

    While I'm on the subject, I agree completely about Brand. I couldn't have said it any better than "pyromanic hobo." I think it supports an apocalyptic nostalgia, though, of which I highly approve. I like his masked skin for an enhanced degree of that same nostalgia, but less symmetry would be nice!