Friday, March 18, 2011

DH5: 010 - Ashe, The Frost Archer!

Double digit day! Our tenth highfive arrives!

Firing all the way from the fountain, it's that keen-eyed killer Ashe! Don't let her get to farmed or you'll be in heaps of frosty trouble as she hunts you down like an animal!

Ashe's design is another archetype of the slender female archer (usually elven) and I suppose it gets the job done. Her bow being crystal is a neat touch and the ability to fire a giant enchanted arrow across the entire field is pretty awesome. I always like it when characters are tied to an element of some sort and Ashe's affinity for frost makes her seem like a cold and callous customer which is very cool.

It's my understanding that Ashe is still the most played champion in the League of Legends roster. It makes sense because she can get really strong without too much experience on the part of the player.  I do really enjoy how much depth a very good player can bring to Ashe, Crystal arrow saves and initiations, chasing stragglers and focus firing. All very cool stuff! So draw your bows oh fans of the frosty forest archer and sound off! Any avid Ashes out there willing to share some long ranged experiences?

-jouste the drawbarian


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  2. Ashe, a champion i hated back in beta. (cause she was really damn powerful back then and you needed no skill to master her) But now i love her, since you need a little skill now, because so many champions can insta-kill her if you are in a bad position. Though i don't really like her design, i picture her more as an elven-like archer, and i would love if riot would make her look more like this

    But oh well, i don't really mind since i always play with custom skins and dont have the money to buy Riot's skins anyway.

    PS: I loved the snowman's head on her arrow, lol.

    PS2: Forgot to add, im the same Guido. haha

  3. haha hey Jestah!

    that's a slick looking comunity skin! and yeah she sure can drop fast if you catch her off guard. I usually find myself killing a lot of Ashes that don't take flash or something.

    thanks for the comment!

  4. Jouste all of your high fives look so amazing :) I want to say thank you for doing this because I have since started playing League fo Legends and it is amazing!

    Maybe catch you on there sometime!

  5. hey right on! always cool to hear that a new player started the game. thanks for dropping the comment! and best of luck on the fields of justice!