Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DH5: 002 - Sion the Undead!

Hooray! day two!

For this highfive I wanted to do Sion. I know I already drew him but that was before i started getting into the character and playing him a bunch.

As a character design he's always seemed a little to simple for my taste, but recently by approaching these quicker sketches I'm finding myself appreciating the simpler designs more and taking that into consideration on my own characters. I hear that with color themes you want to keep it at like 3 with maybe a 4th for accessories, I guess you could use that number for visual elements as well to keep your character tighter and easier to read.

Sion is a pretty straightforward guy to play, as any hulking undead dude with an axe should be, and I always thought it was pretty cool that he could stun you just by looking at you. The ability to make him either a crackling arcane juggernaut that can burst down the strongest of foes, or a bloodthirsty melee monster that cleaves his way through everyone also makes him one of my favorite champions to play.

Anybody have any favorite or fearful experiences with this unholy-ultimate warrior? lets show some scary love for that frankenstiened fighter!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. His shoulder pads are so brutal, I also like how him and his axe are looking the sameway

  2. haha good eye!

    yeah it helps alot when you and your battle axe are on the same page.

  3. I like sion both gameplay and lore. But i find his in-game model so incredibly UGLY. I like his designs and all, but in-game he just looks so wrong... his feets are uber giant, his skeletic hand looks even bigger than the normal one, and his animations are so dumb! Instead of being the scariest dude in the game (as he should be, giving the fact that he has a skill that stuns you from just gazing at you) he looks like the bad guy from a disney movie.

    But oh well, i like him still. haha. :)

  4. @Guido:

    yeah man, he model is pretty goofy looking. those boots of his are so horrendous i trued to make them look at least moderately cool looking in my other version.

    good points and another great comment! thanks Guido!