Friday, March 25, 2011

DH5: 015 - Udyr, The Animal Spirit

Hooray! week three draws to a close with some badass martial arts!

Keep clear of that jungle and listen for a growl from the bushes, it's that martial monk Udyr!

In this picture i drew him in bear stance showing Tibbers that he's the only real bear around. Udy's design is pretty cool when you take the different animal cowls into consideration and he body type makes him look really beefy and dangerous. The stone beads, geta shoes, and graphic robes break up the monotony of monk's clothing nicely and beards always rock on characters.

In game I really like the jungle Udyr. I never could really get him down as well as some people I played with but he's still a great asset to the team. his bear bashes that interrupt stuff are super cool and he's a really fast character with some good chase. I remember when locket was still around and how crazy he'd get with his constant stance changing. Any ultimate Udyr fans out there? be sure to drop the comment section a line and let your support be heard for this kung-fu killer!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. yeah I sure wish you could just steal that stupid bear from her so she couldn't stun your entire team at once.

  2. Have you seen my bear Ti--OHMIGOD

  3. Udyr is my Boy! Speedy, Tanky. . .umm damagey? Unfortunately most people suck at Udyr and more often the not I hear that dreaded sound "Humiliation!" at the beginning of the game :(

  4. Haha yeah I always cringe a bit when I hear a humiliation announcement and it's my jungling Udyr on the receiving end. But when it's the other guys' Udyr I know its time to capitalize!