Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DH5: 017 - Morgana, Fallen Angel

Hooray! The seventeenth highfive is here!

Better start stacking MR, it's that magic mountain of a champion Morgana!

Morgana has a very typical design and reminds me a bit of Anson Maddock's Fallen Angel which was one of the more memorable and striking images I have of MtG ('93? wowsers that was a little bit of time ago). Morgana's ballroom attire was never one of my favorite things about her, she seems to be somewhere in the middle of an evening gown and a bikini contest, sacrificing the class for some awkward sexiness. The torn to hell wings are a neat idea but they just seem to be a little too much on the side of color, as her palette could really use some variance. I snuck in a magic muffin to represent her evil baking!

In the game, boy am I ever sick of Morgana. she gets to a point where she just can't die because she's so tough, and she just ends up killing everyone and making me cry. Her spells are pretty powerful and that ult of hers can really ruin your day. Any fans of that mean Morgana? sound off here with stories and strats and hopefully she wont be in any of your next games on the opposing side!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Yay, Morgana once again! There was a time when she was my main caster (back in beta), but then i discovered Kayle (Her awesome sister who whooped her ass in the past) and said, "MAN, THIS CHICK IS BADASS!" as she turned to be my main champion 'till now. Morgana's design its pretty simple, but i like it in a way, though i think it should be more "Gore-like" and twisted, and her Wings should be more bloody.

    So, as i was saying... She's cool, but not that cool as Kayle is. :)

    Keep up the awesomeness!

    PS: I can't wait for Kayle to be here! Yay! ahahaha

  2. @Jestah25:

    Hey Guido, man you went from morgana to kayle? that seems like a crazy switch of playstyles. I do agree that her wings need some more definition in game. they are kinda just bulky at the moment.

    thanks for commenting! always great to hear from you!

  3. ha cupcake, is that morg favorite dessert?

  4. i believe it is. i know that she's capable of baking them! ;D