Friday, March 11, 2011

DH5: 005 - Warwick the Blood Hunter!

Alright! A full week-load of highfives!

Here's that jungling jaw-breaker Warwick! Look out low-lives cause this guy can smell your fear! (and low life...)

Although a pretty typical werewolf design, Warwick's proportions come off pretty fun and the finger shredder additions are a nice touch. In game he kind of attacks in a whirling fashion that gives us the impression that he's a deadly acrobat or something.

I really do like Warwick's playstyle but i rarely play him because I've seen absolute masters and know I couldn't do the character that much justice. the ambushes and ganks people can pull of with this pup are pretty potent. So buy some wards and let your howl be heard Warwick fans! The beast is unleashed in a jungle near you!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Blood Scent! Also, where's the Saturday drawing?!? *impatience*

  2. I would like Warwick more if he didn't kill my boy Urf. . ./cry

  3. @Jack: thanks for the comment! and i skip out on saturdays to catch up on my side projects. more to come on monday!

    @Sthor: yeah that sure was a tragic day, poor poor urf :(