Thursday, March 31, 2011

DH5: 019 - Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem

The nineteenth highfive! *gasp* how awesome!

Hope you're mobile! Here comes that grabbing golem Blitzcrank! Ready to drag you too your doom!

Blitzcrank is a pretty classic design with way over-the-top proportions and a fun twist to a lot of his appendages.  I love that he's always crackling with electricity and his voice has that great freezing automaton sound that really puts you in the mood for robots. I always thought his chest opened or something so I decided to add a little cuckoo to his person while he goes for a super long grab!

In game whoever lanes against Blitz always moans because that hookshot can really ruin your day by getting set too close to a tower, getting snagged into their whole group, or just getting hammered through your own tower when you're about to teleport home. I remember a while back (I'm sure it's fixed now) but if you Blue Pilled at the exact moment that Blitz grabbed you, you would port back to the fountain but then get pulled to his position wherever he was on the map, no matter how far and it looked hilarious. So sound off if this rampaging robot is for you! Anyone main this bruising bucket of bolts?

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. i love your drawings! just to let you know i check your website daily even if i dont comment. and even watch you on deviantart ;)

  2. @patrycja:

    hey thanks a lot for commenting! i'm really glad you like the pictures. It's very cool to know that you check out my stuff. thanks a ton!

  3. Awesome stuff!

    I remember playing Blitz when he was free, and although he was pretty easy to learn, getting a handle for his hand is a bit of a curve.

    Grabbing, Uppercutting, then ulting is a pretty devastating combo, I must admit. But fighting one has never been a problem for me, Beast Yi :3

    Speaking of, I really liked the Yi one too! My girlfriend linked me to it, and I'm extremely impressed.

    She's the one who told you about the goggles, if ya remember.

    Welp, I've run out of things to say. Keep up the good work!

  4. @Zed

    excellent! yeah your GF was extremely helpful with the goggle confusion!

    I can totally see Yi not having a problem with Blitz, even after grabbing that scrawny swordsman he could speed away!

    thanks a lot for the comment! hopefully you like the one's on the way!

  5. @Jouste

    Well, it's not so much speeding away, but eating him alive, shield and all :3

    I build super lifesteal tank, so I can run from lane to lane ganking fools. But I can also survive 2v1 encounters pretty well :3

  6. I think this might be one of my favorites so far. I've never actually played Blitz yet, but I love his design.

    This is a really good interpretation of him, I love it!

  7. @Treelub:

    awesome! glad you like the interpretation! he's a lot of fun to draw ;D

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  9. for sure Mannakin! use it however you like!