Thursday, March 10, 2011

DH5: 004 - Mundo the Madman!

It's day 4! thanks for keeping up!

Alright! it's everyones favorite doctor from Zaun, Dr. Mundo! again, he was tackled before by me but this guy is also my favorite champion so cut me some slack.

I am led to believe that Mundo's design changed pretty drastically from it's original version. I remember back in the beta when his icon's still had some mad scientist looking guy in some of the abilities. His character design is a great example of an archetypal "Mr. Hyde", I really like the over medication and the hulking stature as well as his unorthodox weapon choice of a giant cleaver. His attitude really shines as one of the most commonly referenced in the whole game making him a very strong character and a favorite amongst the community.

I've played the most games as Mundo, I remember falling for his super mobile and aggressive playstyle and staying power. He's got short cooldowns, can eat towers, massacre champions, and at the end of those big team squabbles; come right back at you with more cleavers and head butts. Anyone else a big Mundo fan? Let your voices be heard for that purple powerhouse of pugilistic prowess!

- jouste the drawbarian.


  1. Its neat to see your original much more complicated design - looks like such good practice to narrow it down to its core.

    Great presence in how large the chest cavity is man. Lol how the shadow is cropped makes it feel like hes gonna hit the ground mid stride! or he's as quick as you make him sound.

  2. hey thanks Jake!

    you actually nailed it with your comment about narrowing ideas down to their core. that's basically what this blog is an exercise for and i've been finding it really helps me use my speed a lot more effectively.

    i have to start embracing what i'm good at and focusing.

    thanks for the comment brother!

  3. Dr. Mundo is one of my favorite champions in LoL. I love his wacky style and the fear he creates ingame especially when hes been fed. It is totally true when he says "Mundo goes where he pleases!"
    *thumbs up* Awesome pic of the zany doc man!!

  4. Hey glad you like the Mundo as well Sthor! he will always be my favorite champ, sounds like you turn him into a monster as well!

  5. How I love to roflpwn with him. It is one of the most satisfying things ever. . .His character design(i think) is exquisite(not to say that there arent other awesome character designs)which is why I get your reasoning behind him being your favorite champion, not only that he is extremely fun to draw so that just adds to his awsomeness! Kudos to his designer at Riot.