Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DH5: 013 - Nunu, The Yeti Rider

The thirteenth highfive! thanks for dropping by!

Stay frosty everyone, it looks like we're up against that ice tossing tyke Nunu and his yelling yeti! And what's this?! Crabthief has returned to confiscate some coco! Better watch out little crab! that yeti-rider means snowball business!

Nunu is a pretty cool design, I always liked the rider characters like the dwarf rifer in Golden Axe 2: The Revenge of the Death Adder. Nunu's voice grates on me a it but I love how powerful his yeti seems to be. Fun proportions on that giant creature make him very fun to interpret and the small element of Nunu juxtaposes the character in an interesting way as well.

This guy is pretty fun to play, I remember in the game when his ult was absolute king and then it went to an easily interruptible nuisance. Although I'm probably the worst flash user ever, I always loved seeing flash-initiating with that giant AOE. An on command slow, a built in smite with a heal, a sharable steroid? What a super fun champion to be playing! So if you are saving some snowy strats drop this Rider some words below! Show your love for that nasty Nunu and his yowling Yeti!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Hey man! Just thought I would say hey. I bookmarked your site. I still am a huge fan of your work.

    Keep it up! And yeah... I wanna do a 3D model of one of your characters! I will be moving from Vancouver to California soon, once I get that all sorted I will have to bust out a model.

    Cheers man, cya online!

    Bret, The RHINOCTO. :P

  2. This made me so happy. I love Nunu, even though I'm not exactly the best with him. I suck with his ult, it's not even funny.

    Can't wait to see who you do next!

  3. @Bret:

    Dude! grats on the move pal! we'll have to get something set up for modelling, your stuff is looking great!


    haha yea hi know, i'm not that great with his ult either. A friend of mine can really do awesome with him as jungle/tank and he pegs those ults perfectly. thanks for the comment!

  4. HAahahaha, this made me chuckle! Really cool design, i love the bizarre yeti and the way he runs (now that i think about it, his running does look kinda strange on game, lol)

    Keep up the awesomeness! haha