Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DH5: 007 - Singed, The Mad Chemist!

Lucky number seven! the seventh highfive!

Stop chasing people! Its that vile villain Singed! Pouring potent poisons and hurling hapless heroes, this Crazy chemist is one beefy customer!

Singed design was always one of the more original ones for me, the vibrant color pallet suggested roots in mid 80's action figures or something like that. I'm a big fan of his shield design and after I figured out that his bandages are from when he went all Darkman the character really resonated with me. Fun proportions and exaggerative accessories makes Signed a pretty fun if not retro design.

In game I always wanted to get good with Singed, the guy just wont die in game and can waltz right into a giant crowd of everyone and flip out some poor hero and leave a noxious dose of poison in his wake. Maybe it was the fates, but when I read up on some guides and set up some runes, my maiden game with him left me with an abysmal score and a tragic loss. Oh well. maybe I'll get good with him later! So let's hear a shout out to that skinny slayer with the spiked shield, everyones star-slammer, Singed!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Singed is indeed the most fun character to play in my opinion. He's useful, and not entirely team dependant. A great offtank, indeed.

    Protects carries, disrupts enemy team, amazing disables and on demand steroids. What's not to love?

    (I iz singed main. :D)

  2. Man i gotta get a build order, mastery set up and some runes off you. I really don't have a proper tank and like the sound of your description there.

    And yeah he's got a mean steroid, it's like a steroid on top of a burly champ. yikes.

    I really like characters that aren't too team dependent. excellent comment thanks!

  3. Singed is one of those characters that I like the design but hate to play against. . .Specially when i play as Shaco who does more damage from behind. . .Curse your toxic fart goo stuff!! Great pic as always!

    (switch between Mundo,Shaco,and Nasus for mains)

  4. @Sthor:

    oh man yeah Shaco must not like dealing with Singed at all.

    I guess you just gotta sneak out and kill who you can, all the while ignoring that smokey jerk. thanks for the comment! and glad you like the pic!

  5. Just curious, what do you use to do all of your art?

    Keep up the good work. I always look forward to seeing a new picture every day!

  6. @Treelub:

    Hey dude! good to see a forum frequenter dropping by!

    i use a cintiq and photoshop to draw all these guys, it's all digital. on my other pieces i use sketchbook pro for my lines.

  7. Cool, thanks! I'm gonna look into starting to actually color some of my picture, and just use that simple coloring you're using for these daily pictures. I was just interested in what program you used. Unfortunately I can't exactly afford a tablet, so that part will have to come later, haha. Thanks for the feedback.